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Not-So-Basic Black

Lisa Huber on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 2:27:00 pm

Not-so-basic Black

 The seasons are turning, leaves are changing colors, and judging from Vera Wang’s latest runway collection, bridal wear is transforming, as well.  Brides will be turning heads when they walk down the aisle in the designer’s latest black wedding dresses.  Several gorgeous gowns in midnight hues dominated the runway at the latest show, and given Wang’s popularity, this looks like the wave of the future.

 Make no mistake, these amazing creations were not merely white dresses done in black, nor evening gowns repurposed as bride’s attire.  These were wedding dresses, with all of the special touches, intricate detailing and fine design that have established Wang’s dresses as the gowns every bride wants.  From a stunning ivory dress completely overlaid with black lace, to a lively black gown with layers of white tulle peeking through the skirt, to the sophistication and glamour of jet black that characterized most of the designs, these dresses turn wedding tradition in a whole new path.

 Will little girls in the future now be dreaming of walking down the aisle in shades of velvety darkness instead of brilliant white?  Will weddings look different from now on?  Black flatters so many women, and every lady wants to look her best on her wedding day.  It may just be the next wedding you attend will feature a head-turning, trend-setting bride in figure-flattering shades of ebony.

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